Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I can usually pass up desserts and sweets. (I'd rather have a sandwich, or veggies with gooey sauces and salads with too much dressing.) However, yesterday I had a craving for Mother's Iced Raisin Cookies. I haven't tasted one since moving to Missouri nearly six years ago. And now I know why. THEY DON'T HAVE THEM HERE! I went to every grocery store in town and didn't turn up any. Iced animal crackers would do in a pinch -- both have the same nasty lard-like icing. Couldn't find them either, nothing, nada, zilch. Nothing else would do -- well, that's not entirely true. I would be very happy with Trader Joe's Triple Ginger cookies. Closest TJ's is 180 miles away. I'd make the trip if I could be sure of scoring some Iced Raisins at the same time.

My obsession with quilting is akin to a craving. I can only go a little while until I must have the feel of fabric in my hands. Lately I've been satisfying that craving by hand quilting a quilt I finished piecing around the first of the year. The good thing about hand quilting is it is very slow going and it keeps me out of the quilt shops and helps me save a bit of money. I do visit our local quilt shop each month to participate in a group that meets there. This quilt block is a "Challenge Block" from that group. This month, all of the participants will make a block using the same pink paisley fabric, add any other fabrics they wish -- I added red and white, and assemble a block of any design they choose. This one is called a "Pickle Dish." At the next meeting, a name will be drawn and the winner gets all the blocks made by all the participants. I always hope I won't win, because I don't want to feel obliged to make a quilt from my winnings!

Books Read in March:
Drums of Autumn - by Diana Gabaldon - more of the same sex, violence, and coincidences by Ms Gabaldon
Oliver Twist - by Charles Dickens - poor little orphan overcomes several twists (hah!) of fortune and lives happily ever after.


  1. Did you know that Mother's (an Oakland, CA business) went bankrupt and closed its doors in 2008 ('s_Cookies)? Then, Kellogg's brought back some of the products on the West Coast in 2009, and they seem to have reached Kansas City in 2010. However, Iced Raisin doesn't seem to be in production:

  2. No wonder! I've been looking in every store with no luck. Sorry mom. What about those taffy (?) creme filled cookies? I did see the iced oatmeal, those will do in a pinch.
    Thanks for the info Irene.

  3. taffy cremes would be OK, still would like TJ's triple ginger -- I love them dipped in tea. Odd, because I don't care much for tea. Sorry to send you on a wild goose (cookie?) chase, Colleen. You are the one person on the planet who understands that craving! Remembered all those iced animal cookies?

  4. I must admit, my search was selfishly motivated. I immediately craved the iced raisins (and I still don't even like raisins!) after reading your blog. But I was hoping to send you a case for your birthday!