Friday, March 4, 2011

Hold Still, For Pete's Sake!

Oreo won't hold still to get her picture taken. This picture was taken this morning just before I took her to be groomed. I always get shots of her walking away from me, or lying on her back, expecting a tummy rub. She also won't hold still to have her hair brushed, so it grows into a matted mess. We don't cut it in the winter because she needs it to keep warm -- she loves to be outside regardless of the temperature.

It's much warmer now and time to see if there still is a dog under all that hair!

I must report she loves being an only dog. She can now run freely through the house and we no longer have to enforce an elaborate system of preventing doggy access to certain areas. Gates are gone, doors are open and I feel liberated, although wracked with guilt.

Ben is on the bus en route to the KC environs for a Winter Drum Line competition, Logan has a speech tournament tomorrow. Watch for pictures of a very handsome orator!

1 comment:

  1. It's hard to believe that these snapshots show the same creature. After having to share the house with Colleen's labradors, Minnie (who could roam on many levels), and Cinder, I imagine that Oreo is in only-four-legged-child heaven!