Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Winner!

One of the basic lessons in photography is "Fill the frame." Logan is living that lesson as he nearly fills the door frame. He's big -- the sales clerk who sold him the suit couldn't believe he is only fourteen. Even though I knew he would be wearing his new suit to today's speech tournament, I was surprised when he came into my bedroom at 6:00 A.M. completely dressed, with jacket and tie. In the picture, his pant legs need straightening; I took care of that, but couldn't get him to pose for another photo. If he gets points for self-confidence and for being the best looking fourteen year old on the planet, he'll come home with a medal!

When I dropped him off at school, a swarm of six girls immediately surrounded him. Maybe he needs a canister of pepper spray.


  1. Logan looks so professional! Is attracting a swarm of girls a "bug" or feature? I imagine Logan getting a lot of practice at diplomacy.

  2. The girls said he looked rich, like Donald Trump. Is that an insult or compliment?

  3. Looking rich is probably a fine thing; it conveys being put together--price doesn't keep The Donald from getting clothes that coordinate and fit him well. Attracting attention and popularity only because people perceive that you're wealthy--now that would be problematic!