Saturday, March 26, 2011

Black and Blue

The winter drum line was all decked out in black and blue, the theme colors for this year, for their parent preview/dress rehearsal performance last night. What you can't tell from this photo is the mat they are standing on is black vinyl with blue striping. You also can't tell there are nineteen kids in the group, all wearing the t-shirts I cut the sleeves out of and hemmed (a labor of love, even though I hate sewing t-shirt material). They have blue Under Armor shirts under (duh!) and a blue stripe has been ironed on the t-shirts. Pretty snazzy looking, IMHO. Of course, Ben with his tall slim body, beautiful posture, and wide shoulders is a perfect model (naturally, I'm 100 % objective!). Their performance has improved steadily through the season and they should be in top form for today's show.

The drum line is hosting today's competition and season finale. No more mid-week evening rehearsals till next fall -- dinner at home with the family -- and grandma can have a glass of wine with dinner if she chooses because she doesn't have to transport kids in the evening. And next year, he will have a driver's license and won't need me to haul him around -- a thought that induces joy and terror simultaneously.

Logan is spending this rainy Saturday afternoon hosting his own music festival. A couple of friends are coming over to work on their version of a garage band (in our case, a John Deere room band).

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