Monday, March 21, 2011


Make no mistake about it -- we live in a very conservative part of the country. Folks here about are far to the right politically; a democrat rarely even appears on the ballot in Christian County and stands no chance of being elected. People don't ask if you go to church. They might ask you where you go to church and you can be pretty sure the answer is some variation on the Protestant theme: not likely Catholic, certainly not Jewish, and absolutely not Muslim.

Because I want the boys to know there are other perspectives, I took them to see the expert on questioning absolutely everything: Bill Maher.

Maher was in good form, he took on everything: politicians (especially the tea-party), religion (especially the Pope and Mormons), the NRA, NASCAR. Truly, nothing was sacred. In some small recesses of my brain, I hoped some of the material went over the boys' heads. Judging from the frequency and intensity of their laughter, they missed very little.


  1. Once upon a time we did have a state rep who was a Democrat, Jim Krider. Served a couple of terms and I loved him. Still do; he is the executive director of the Missouri Retired Teachers Assoc.

    Wished I gone to see Mayer with you guys. I married one of the conservative ones who had NO interest in going but is wise enough to not stand in my way.

  2. Loved your comment, Sharon. I could have guessed your leanings -- teachers tend to be more liberal than the general population. We'll invite you along next time!

  3. Reminds me of the time you took us to see Pat Paulsen at San Jose State when he was campaigning for the Presidency in 1976. I'll never forget that.

  4. Kevin, so glad you remember -- but did it have any influence on you?

  5. Politically? No. I was 12. I recently watched a few YouTube videos of him from the Smothers Brothers show. He was a comedian, and took a comedic approach to politics. So now, 35 years later, I can understand the irony in his deadpan political views.

    As a comedian? Yes. The man was brilliant. At my young age, he seemed to me the funniest man on television.