Monday, March 14, 2011

Pi R Square

In deference to the house math geeks, National Pi Day (3.14), and the grandfather who belabors the "Pi are round" joke, I made an apple pie this afternoon. We have yet to dig into it, but once the crust is cracked, I'm sure it won't last long.

Today is the first day of spring break and we are celebrating by spring house cleaning. At least I talk about it -- haven't done much yet. However, I did let the boys know that we would be cleaning house this week. This afternoon on the way home from the dentist, I learned that Logan shampooed the carpet in his bedroom and the carpet in the play room -- WITHOUT BEING ASKED!!!!! A few hours later, I found myself yelling at him for his sloppy research skills in conjunction with a science project. When I stood back and realized I was yelling at the same kid who had shampooed carpets unbidden, I felt awful. I know it is my job to patiently teach him those skills (research and carpet cleaning!), but in the moment, I forget. Somehow, I expect B and L to have absorbed everything I have tried to teach all the children who came my way before they appeared on the scene.

Both boys had dental checkups today and both came away with perfect results. Logan has been struggling with gingivitis exacerbated by his braces, but today, the hygienist reported great improvement. I'm delighted -- we had been threatened with aborting the orthodontic process -- but now, all is good. (And I yelled at him for sloppy research practices -- I feel sooooo bad.)

Today it snowed (on the dogwood that is struggling to break into leaf) -- so spring is on its way!
There are hundred of buds on my dogwood this year and I can't wait to see it in bloom -- should happen on my birthday.


  1. I love that my science project has a blog post about it! That's so exciting.
    Logan is a super kid! (I'm sure Ben is too but I don't know him as well)
    Mrs. Ash

  2. In the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, Spring has not officially arrived until it has snowed on the Dogwoods. So, Happy Springtime to all in Ozark.