Thursday, March 24, 2011

Same old, some older

Alicia (with twins on board, due in July) blew out her birthday candles (three of them, but she's really 20) while Julia watched at the end of the birthday dinner hosted by Ash and Amanda on Tuesday.

Very little else that is new or interesting in our lives this week. Quilt clubs, lessons, and sewing have occupied most of my time. The boys started the last quarter of this school year on Monday.
Our summer schedules are already filling up.
No, I didn't make this one, Sue Nickels did. She's a great teacher and a very nice person. I took an inspiring class from her on Wednesday and just may have to break my vow not to start any more large quilts. I won't make one just like this, but may use it to inspire my own design.

I'm having my first knee surgery on June 6 and am actively recruiting someone to come stay with me the week I come home from the hospital. I've got volunteers to help drive the boys to their various activities, summer school, football camp, and band camp. but I need someone to come stay with me while they are gone all day. Any volunteers? Free room and board will be provided. I need coverage from June 13 - June 17.

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  1. This was a great shot, and I'm glad you could make it :)