Monday, March 2, 2009

You Need This

A few Pampered Chef items:

1. A spikey holder that looks like a pick for big hairdos:

2. A chopper blade that cuts scalloped scalloped potatoes:
(Hold the potato still with the pick thing while you slice)

3. Excellent spatulas -- one for really big things like mixing bowls and one is tiny for getting the last out of mustard jars (why is the bottle of Dijon always empty?)
A couple of things from my quilting doo-dads:

4. Desk top needle threader - I don't know why it works, it's just freakin' magic

5. Blue tape - holds your stuff together - the tape isn't sticky, you just wrap it around whatever you want to hold and it clings to itself.

From the medicine cabinet:

6. Vitamin B-12 -- way better than Prozac. Maybe placebo effect, but what the hey, I like the results: clarity of mind, enhanced feeling of well-being, and you know, just feeling good.

7. Bag balm -- great for winter skin
Favorite websites:

8. -- I've never actually bought anything here, but I love to think I might. (thanks, Amanda)

9. -- nothing original about this choice, it's the online Wal-Mart.

10. -- whatever I'm trying to use up, they have a recipe for it -- comments are helpful, too.

What are some of your favorites?

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