Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Danny's personality shines through every picture of him -- I don't think I've ever seen a bad photo of him. What a kid! I have so many wonderful memories of him, starting with his birth. He was born the year I turned 50. Colleen and Robin had planned a surprise birthday party for me that year, but because Colleen was pregnant and due in the middle of April (my birthday is the 18th, but don't get me an expensive gift, or a kitten), they decided to have the party on April 2. Danny never has wanted to miss a party and that one was no exception. He arrived the 31st and stopped by the party on his way home from the hospital. Actually it was just a brief recess from the hospital -- because he was "premature" his liver hadn't kicked in to full functioning and he was jaundiced. So, he had to return to the hospital and bask under the billirubin lights in an isolette designed for preemies, not 9-1/2 pound linebackers. I'm sure he was the largest preemie on the ward!
He has remained an individual with unbridled enthusiasm for life. When around three years old, he assumed a half dozen different alter egos. No one could be sure who they would be dealing with, "Grandpa," "James Bond, Junior" or one of his other original characters. They all had distinctive mannerisms, voices, gestures, etc. Also when three, he learned to ride a two-wheel bike without training wheels. He simply didn't realize he was too young and off he went. He skiied the same way, flying down double black diamond slopes when he was eight years old. Now, I'm not privvy to how he spends his time these days, but I have a hunch that his early years were a good predictor of his current life style. But, whatever you're doing Danny, I hope you are enjoying it (and be careful!). Happy 20th birthday!

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