Saturday, March 21, 2009

Farewell, Minnie

Minnie died this morning. We are all very sad, but it was horrible to see her suffering. Thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts.

And PLEASE DON'T GET ME A NEW KITTEN!!! As sad as I am to lose Minnie, I am relieved to be liberated from litter box duty and do not wish to do it ever again. We still have two dogs and I spend way too much energy on the care and maintenance of them. I'm just too old to put up with any more pets. Thanks for understanding.


  1. Have a nice nap, Minnie. We will miss you.

  2. Melody, we're very sorry for your loss. If you ever wish to be around a cat for comfort, you know where to come. And we'll do the upkeep. :)

  3. Sorry about your kitty. She looked like she was a good cat.