Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Minnie Mimi

Minnie Mimi is very sick with kidney failure. She is at the vet's being transfused, monitored, and analyzed. I am racked with guilt, I'm such a terrible cat mom. She has lost five pounds -- from 13 down to eight. How could I let that slip by? I just don't pick her up very often; she sits beside me while I sew and I reach out and touch her (and vice-versa), but I don't hold her -- truth to tell, she drools and makes bread so fiercely it's painful. She is so furry, the weight loss isn't visible. I clean her litter box daily and the past two days I noticed a reduction in output. Yesterday and again today, she fell trying to jump up onto the dining room table because she is so weak. When I picked her up to help her, I noticed how amazingly light she is and called the vet. Valery pointed out that any grief triggers all of our past grief: grief is cumulative. I had no idea I would feel this way about a cat. In fact, I have been guilty of harboring deep down secret wishes that I would become pet-free. They are so much work! And now I would do anything for her to be well. Logan wants to know why they can't do a kidney transplant on her -- I'd give her one of mine!

Speaking of grief, this photo was taken by Peter, Nancy's late husband. So, worrying about Minnie Mimi is also tied into that loss for me, as well as all the other losses which those of you close to me are so keenly aware of (and share).

Say a prayer for Minnie Mimi (sounds like a John Irving title: A Prayer for Owen Meaney).


  1. Oh Grandma, she is in my thoughts. =(

  2. What a beautiful cat. I'm really sorry she's ill and we're thinking about you guys.

  3. Poor girl. The same thing happened to Abbey Road eight years ago. A transplant is possible, but you need to adopt the donor cat as well. I'm sorry, but she doesn't have much longer.

    I'll find a way to break the news to Caboose. Good luck with her.