Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Virtual Musing

Twitter, Imessaging. texting, sexting, cell phones, email, all devices that allow us to virtually connect, instead of connecting face to face. People in groups disconnect from those in their physical presence, to pursue an electronic embrace. Do you ever notice people in restaurants talking on their cell phones while their meal mates sit in silence? In cars, conversation with the adjacent passenger is put on hold, while a wireless connection takes precedence. The more we are apart, the more we seem to need to be together (hence, this blog). The sales clerk asks the customer in front of him to wait while he tends to one who telephoned from home.
Twitter allows you to exchange blow by blow accounts of your day with unseen multitudes.
Imessaging interrupts your reading of world news.
Texting allows you to speak when silence is golden-- like in darkened theaters where the glow is every bit as annoying as talking.
Sexting substitutes for making out --I find this really bizarre -- it's very explicit, yet, no physical contact occurs.
I'm not really as curmudgeonly as I sound. I realize this is evolution, but I'm just not sure where it's going. I find that we struggle for attachment while at the same time detaching -- puzzling!


  1. I don't necessarily agree that its evolution. Humans are pack animals, so a disconnection between us and our "pack-mates" sounds more like devolution to me. That isn't to say that I do not appreciate the technology. It makes it much easier to live so far from everyone when I know that I can talk to, write to, & even see (via web cam) other members of the family at the push of a button.

  2. Hmmmmm....and where does blogging fit in with all this?

  3. Blogging is a part of the phenom -- a need to connect to those out there in cyberspace that simultaneously disconnects me from my household during the time I'm in the process of writing or reading blogs.