Monday, March 30, 2009

Way Out West

I was nervous. I was afraid Ben and Logan would be bored on their trip to Oregon -- a long way to travel to visit people they didn't know. Would Kevin and Rachel be up to the task of keeping them entertained? Or least keep them from annoying others in their boredom? Boy, was I wrong! They had a fabulous time. They loved meeting all their "new" cousins. They (especially Logan) loved getting to see Robby and spending the night with him, Grandpa Roger, and Colleen. Ben loved Jeff's sarcastic sense of humor, said Lisa was really nice, and that the Teel's were a great family. They hit it off with Brandon and Lauren and can't stop talking about them. Rachel and Kevin were lots of fun and quite indulgent. B and L both were blown away by Powell's book store in Portland.

Snow storms swirled around them -- Denver on the way out and Kansas City just before they got home, but they managed to dodge them and had uneventful, on-time flights.

I got them cameras just before they left so they could take lots of pictures of everyone. Logan took several photos of us in the car and several of blurry Oregon scenery through a car window. Ben left his camera in his backpack. They have a bit to learn about being tourists.

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