Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Forward

We took a technological leap forward today (the first day of Spring) when we successfully completed our first video cam call. I installed the necessary stuff earlier this week so that we could talk with Colleen and Robby and see their new baby chicks, but we haven't connected yet. I'm sure we'll get a chance this weekend. So, we tried it out with Tom, Nichole, and Mallaika. It was lots of fun. I tried capturing a still image to include in the blog, but somehow, I missed a beat, and the picture I thought I had disappeared. I'll try again when we get to see the baby chicks.

Much excitement is brewing around my birthday and I'm beside myself with anticipation. Valery was hoping to spring some surprise visitors on me, but I made it awkward for her. I asked her if she would mind playing nursemaid while I recovered from carpal tunnel surgery. She knew I wouldn't want to be recuperating instead of enjoying surprise guests, so she had to let the cat out of the bag. So, for my birthday, nearly all my nearest and dearest will be here. I can't wait! At Christmas time I mentioned one of the things I most wanted was to see Colleen and Mallaika together. Looks like it's going to happen!

Today I finally finished quilting the big quilt I've been working on obsessively for 17 days. Now I can do laundry, housework, cook meals again, etc. It was very challenging and I'm pleased with it. I'll post a picture of the finished product as soon as I finish sewing on the binding (about 20 hours worth of work at my pace).

On a more somber note, Minnie Mimi is failing. I don't expect her to make it past tomorrow. The vet presumes she has Feline Infectious Peritonitis, a virus that is affecting her kidneys and is fatal.

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