Saturday, February 28, 2009

Well Behaved Snow

Snow fell nearly all day today and it was such well-mannered snow. It blew itself clear of roads and walkways and only accumulated on the lawn and at the roadsides. Driving was no problem and that's a very good thing, because we had plenty of places to drive to today.

The morning started with yet another win (ho-hum) for the Lakers. Next week is the last week of the season, but Logan and another team member will miss the game -- that might give the other team a fighting chance. Next Saturday Logan is participating in a 5K run at his school. I don't think he knows how far 5K is, and I'm not telling him. (Amanda, don't you tell him, either!)

After the game, we went out to the Millsap's Farm for our obligatory work day. Ben and Logan worked very hard. They built a new water retention pond out of remissioned concrete blocks and placed corrugated steel under the racks where seedlings sprout in little shaped blobs of compost, peat, manure and sand. Solar heated water runs in reclaimed rubber tubing along the corrugated steel which provides both drainage and heat retention. The corrugated steel is also reclaimed. The seedling flats with their shaped blobs are covered with sheets of reclaimed plastic to hold in moisture and heat. In the spring some of them will be transplanted outside and others will live to maturity in the greenhouse. B and L also moved a lot of planting pots and trays from place A to place B and Logan helped me finish up planting seeds. I was so proud of them! I planted cabbage, cilantro, peppers, and melons. I put all the turnip seeds in my pocket (just kidding, Curtis and Sarah).
Ben and Logan are standing next to the pond they built.
Sarah and two of her five (!) girls take over planting seeds when I quit.
Ben found a very lethargic leopard frog in an empty pond. It was too cool for him to be active.

When we got home I went down to the church to meet with a couple of women. Seems that I either volunteered or was recruited to work on banners for decorating the church according to the liturgical calendar. So we began to plan.

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  1. What a productive day!!! You all (the boys especially) should be proud of yourselves!!!