Sunday, February 15, 2009

Open Wide and Say "YUM!"

I probably shouldn't admit this, but the three of us polished off this pie before dinner the other day. The apples were CSA-organic, but the pie crust was Pillsbury. I try very hard to use up our farm fresh produce every week and to build healthy meals around it, but there are some lines I'm unwilling to cross. And some vegetables (actually only one, but we get lots of them) I won't eat. Turnips. At first I jullienned them (way too much work for a weeknight veggie) and sauteed them with EVOO, herbs, and garlic. I tried roasting them. But if you put lipstick on a turnip, it's still a turnip. If anyone has a fabulous recipe, let me know, you may rewrite the fate of a turnip bound for the compost heap.


  1. I don't have personally-tested suggestions for using turnips roots (the greens are very much in demand), which appear to be the Rodney Dangerfield of veggies. I think they have have been served to me mashed--either plain or mixed with potatoes. This recipe

    looks appealing and could be modified to use ingredients you have on hand.

    And this blog entry has appealing suggestions from readers in the comments. Note that the author and you have similar roots and routes!

  2. Hmm . . . the AllRecipes collection has some highly-rated turnip wonders:

  3. Cook the turnips just like you would a potato, peeled and cut into chunks and boiled until soft. Then dump them into the food processor, drop in a chunk of butter and whirl them around until smooth. Now add some cream off the top of your raw milk..(regular milk or cream will work too) and some salt. We really like the turnips this way and they are extra good with some cooked frozen peas stirred in.