Saturday, February 21, 2009

This Week's Harvest

Working from left to right, we have cottage cheese with chives, baby chard, sweet potatoes, some kind of yummy unidentified baby greens that have a bite to them like watercress, green onions, some kind of Chinese greens like pakchoi, Jerusalem artichokes, and apples.

The cottage cheese is way different than anything you find in the store. I hate commercial cottage cheese and won't eat it. The CSA version is rich, creamy, and yummy spread on toast or in an omelet. The baby chard and pakchoi will probably end up chopped and wilted over rice or pasta. I'm making french fries from sweet potatoes tonight, the Jerusalem artichokes will be chopped and added to tomorrow's roast chicken and the apples will most likely end up in a pie. I like to chop up the green onions and keep them in the refrigerator to add to salads, eggs, baked potatoes or whatever. This week there are no salad greens except for the unidentified baby greens, but I have some left from last week.

All this stuff grows in green houses that get their warmth from the sun and from ponds constructed inside them. The green houses can get very warm on a cold sunny day while the ponds help collect and hold the heat. One of the challenges of this kind of farming is that a full range of insect life does not exist in the green houses. Thus, aphids prosper while their predators wait for warm sunny outdoor weather. So, we wash the produce thoroughly and enjoy a little protein boost. You may notice I didn't mention the turnips that also appear in the photo. That was intentional.

Logan played his sixth basketball game of the season this morning and his team remains unbeaten (we're not supposed to notice this -- it's a church league and although they score the games, they don't keep team standing records). Logan is learning to keep his eye on the ball and played his best ever game today. I think that's one of life's toughest lessons.

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