Friday, February 27, 2009

What Was I Thinking?

Logan got a new bed Wednesday. A queen-sized bed. If I had taken myself seriously the other day when I was thinking about the size of the fish related to the size of the bowl, I would have bought a crib. Too late, he loves it. Ben still sleeps in his twin-sized 1/2 of the bunk bed set and is resistant to change. I will think of a good selling point for a new bed and move him into it within the next couple of months. Maybe when they go to their great-grandmother's 90th birthday party in Oregon at the end of March. They will be going with Kevin and Rachel. I could surprise him and have it all set up when he gets home.

Some farmer I am. My cottage cheese was ricotta, the chives were green onions, the mystery baby greens were arugula (I should have known that one; I love arugula and eat lots of it, store-bought or CSA). Tomorrow we are supposed to work on the farm, but there is up to three inches of accumulated snow forecast, so we'll see. Tomorrow is also Logan's basketball game -- it could get snowed out, too.


  1. You knew Logan would love that bed, and if Ben loves his twin, then he loves his twin (though are his feet poking out the other end yet?). I don't think he would mind coming home to a new bed though, and that would mean that his room would get cleaned up a bit. Ew, teenage boy rooms.

  2. To be fair, cottage cheese and ricotta are very similar. I love a good ricotta lasagna.