Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Bigger the Bowl . . .

We've all heard that the size of the bowl determines how large the goldfish will grow. I don't know if that's true. Does a giant koi huddle inside every carnival fish bowl? I've never put it to the test with goldfish. However, I do know it's true of me. Each time I move to a larger house, I grow larger. The ultimate diet is a studio apartment. I think I should pass this wisdom on to Oprah.
It's also true of Logan. As soon as I buy him jeans that drag on the floor and sag to indecent levels, he outgrows them.

There's a corollary of this that applies to dinner plates, bank accounts, refrigerators, and hangers. There never seems to be unused capacity in any of these. It's the nature abhors a vaccuum principle. As soon as you get more, you need more. Maybe you have your own list. I have to go scout up some hangers so I can put away outgrown jeans in crammed closets.

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