Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What Do You Do With . . .

  1. Half-burned candles -- I don't burn candles anymore. I've heard too many scary fire stories from people to close to me.
  2. Worn out jeans -- I know that fabric is good for something, I just don't get around to using it.
  3. Baby teeth -- as the tooth fairy, I have a collection of baby teeth, not clearly identified. Seems somehow ghoulish to hang on to them, but disrespectful to throw them out.
  4. Unmatched socks -- I never know when to give up hope that the mate will appear.
  5. Old photos -- I have digitized many of them, but can't bring myself to toss them. Photos of the children of friends. I was delighted to see them at the time, but is it OK to toss them after a year or so?
  6. Old booze -- how long do you hang onto a half drunk bottle of madeira wine, Baccardi rum, Tequila, or Tanqueray gin -- they must be at least five years old.
  7. Old unplayed musical instruments -- we have two flutes, a piccolo, three guitars, a drum set, a violin, a set of bells. and a piano.
  8. Empty flower pots and vases -- I always think I'll use them some time, but in truth, I just move them from one cupboard to another.
  9. Rubber bands -- I have a drawer full of them -- some rotten, some good.
  10. Old lunch boxes -- still good, only used one year -- doesn't every kid want a new lunch box when school starts?


  1. Throw everything away except the booze. Use it in cooking!

  2. I only have an answer for #9--send them to Valery for her rubber band ball of course!!!!