Monday, July 12, 2010

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

I've mentioned before my idiotic habit of standing outside during an electric storm, wildly clicking away with my point and shoot digital camera. My hope is to randomly capture a photo of a lightning bolt. So, last night I was at it again, standing on the front porch frightening the neighbors either because they feared I was insane or because they didn't see me standing there and assumed that each flash of my camera was yet another bolt of lightning. If you have used a camera like mine, you know that the operator has limited control. I can push the button down, but the camera, with a mind of its own, decides when it will really get around to taking the picture -- the delay ranges from microseconds to an eternity -- at the whim of the camera. It has a lot to think about, focal point, light, recovery from previous manic clicking, etc. So, the photos I'm posting are three consecutive photos taken from my front porch last evening over maybe a minute's elapsed time.
I actually caught a flash of lightning, unfortunately no bolt was visible. Ah, well, another storm is forecast today and I have a fresh supply of batteries.
In the meanwhile, I have to go suck up the water from the floor of my flooded John Deere room.

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