Sunday, July 4, 2010

Doin' 40 on 4 on the 4th on the Back 40

The fourth of July came a day early this year. We celebrated on the third with Rachel's family in Paola, Kansas -- our third year with them for a potluck and fireworks. It's hard to say if the fireworks or the quads are the bigger draw as far as Ben and Logan are concerned. This is the first year they were able to ride alone and they loved it. They rode a circuit around the property, behind the pond to the fence back by the tree line. With three vehicles and at least a dozen riders, they kept the engines roaring for several hours.

Fireworks with Kevin are a tradition we established nine years ago and Ben and Logan look forward to it each year. It seems as if Paola is also becoming a part of the tradition.

Nick is showing Logan how the thing works -- he should know, he lives here and it's his machine, but Logan was a fast learner (and a fast driver!) In the background, you can see the other two vehicles just heading back in.

This morning we drove home from Kevin and Rachel's, arriving just in time for Julia and Arlan's birthday celebration at Ash and Amanda's. As usual, Amanda did a beautiful job as hostess with lots of red, white and blue food -- pretty to look at and tasty, too!

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