Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ben

Ben blows out the fifteen candles on his fruit-filled birthday cake while great-grandparents Bernice and Arlan look on. We celebrated a couple of days early so the family could be together. He shares his birthday week with Krista -- we celebrated her yesterday as well.

At fifteen, Ben continues to be a wonderful, kind, and considerate person. He is very bright, loves to read and play on the computer, so his birthday gift of a Kindle was joyously received. He happily spent the day reading the pre-loaded owner's manual and hasn't yet downloaded any books. (I wish he'd hurry because I'm eager to download a title for me so I can determine if I want one for myself.) The size 30/34 jeans I got him fit pretty well, although if they made 28/34's, they would fit better. He is very slim, but seems quite strong and healthy. He eats meat very reluctantly and would much prefer to be a vegetarian. He chooses fruit, especially any kind of berry, over other sweets. I have no idea where he comes by these preferences, goodness knows I provide a horrible example.

His feelings about eating meat stem in part from his love for animal life. This past year, he changed his career goal from entomologist to biologist, deciding his interests were broader than just insects. He seems to prefer animals in nature to pets. He would love to save whole species and wishes he could go to the rain forest to do that. He is very eager to travel and complains on occasion that he has never visited a foreign country except for a brief visit to British Columbia.

His social outlets are mainly through groups. This fall he will participate in both band and choir and he enjoys his affiliation with the church youth group. Today, he will travel with the band to Kansas City to watch a band competition -- they aren't going to participate. He relates very well to adults and holds sustained conversations better than I do when my friends call. And people enjoy talking to him, commenting on his social skills and maturity.

He looks forward to learning to drive and will be eligible to get his permit after his birthday. I plan to leave the driving lessons to his grandfather.

He continues to bring me joy on a daily basis. I am so blessed to have him (and his brother) in my life.

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  1. Ben is a wonderful young man!!! I love his sweetness and his compassion for people and animals. You have two amazing boys!!!!