Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Logan's Itchy Bumps

Logan has been getting itchy bumps on his arms, legs, and torso for several days now. They erupt either as an itchy semi-round elevated bump surrounded by a flushed area or as an elevated line also itchy and surround by redness. He's been spraying them with Benadryl and they quickly subside only lasting less than an hour. That makes it hard to take him to the doctor because they come and go so quickly. They itch like crazy when present and look a lot like hives except I've never seen hives in a semi-straight line like on his arm in the picture above

This photo shows one of the line type and a few of the semi-round ones. I was thinking allergy to the dog, but we were out of town for a couple of days and away from the dog and he still got them. I do think it must be some kind of contact dermatitis. Any ideas?


  1. Do they hurt? Maybe it's shingles. Ali had a similar problem a few years ago.

  2. No they don't hurt - just itch and they last only an hour or so and disappear without a trace. I'm thinking maybe dust mite allergy, except he's broken out in four different environments - your house, home, Kevin and Rachel's, and at the Paola farm.

  3. Bring him here. I'll fix him (and keep him!)
    I love the quilts, by the way.