Monday, July 5, 2010

Ben's Birthday Quilt (ssshhh)

Here is Logan holding Ben's birthday quilt -- he was determined to get in the picture, so I didn't crop him out. Ben doesn't know I'm going to give him the quilt, but I asked him if he preferred the blue one or the one below and he chose the blue. Logan has said he wants the copper one, so I guess I'll hang on to it and give it to him for Christmas. By that time, it will be cold again and we will enjoy snuggling under them when we sit around and read by the fireplace.

Ben's birthday is on July 20th -- he was born in the wee hours, just past midnight. This year, at his birth hour, he will be riding a bus on his way home from a a Drum Corps Festival in Kansas City. He is going as a spectator with a bunch of kids from his school band -- they ride up Monday afternoon and arrive home at 2:30 A.M. and guess who gets to go pick him up when the bus arrives. Also guess who is very eager for him to turn 16, get a driver's license and drive himself home from late night events!

The Sunday before his birthday we will have a "feast" (his word) to celebrate his birthday and also Krista's. He loves the tradition of having people gather at our house to celebrate. I do too. Want to join us?

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