Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It All Comes Out in the Wash

I know -- BORING! -- more quilt pictures and two the same. Only they aren't the same, the top picture was taken before I washed the quilt and the bottom is the after shot. The point is to show you it's okay to wash a quilt I've made (if the quilt is small enough, or your washing machine is big enough).

This quilt was finished just in time for Nikki's baby shower on Sunday and just in time for me to start working on band uniforms. I've spent eight hours in the past two days helping to fit all the kids and in a weak moment I signed on to do the necessary repairs and alterations. There are about two dozen uniforms to rework and about two weeks before they need to wear them for the first time. I think I can, I think I can!

School starts tomorrow. It's the first official day of high school for Logan if you don't count his high school summer school session and all his freshman team football practices. Ben starts his junior year. Both boys are carrying heavy loads this year, so school should be intense for them. We're all going to be busy.

I've decided to postpone the second knee surgery until I have more complete healing from the first. I've been struggling with quite a bit of edema and I need to get that under control before I proceed. I'm thinking not till next spring. The new knee is working really well and I'm delighted with my improved mobility. It still feels "clunky" and numb, but works just fine.

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