Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bright Lights

Forces conspire to make it difficult for me to see what I'm doing while sewing. I struggle with old tired eyes, poor lighting, and obfuscating fabrics. But lo! There is a bright light on the horizon -- in fact not one, but three bright lights. And they are all embedded in this lovely fashion statement:

You are looking at three LED lights in the bill of my blush pink baseball cap.
It looks almost like a normal baseball cap and I love it! You can order yours in your choice of several colors at . I thought it would also be useful for reading my Kindle in an otherwise dark room. Maybe you can think of some other uses. Panthervision also sells reading glasses in your choice of magnification with LED lights attached to the sides. I think they are very clever, but alas, over-the-counter reading glass corrections don't work for my special needs.

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