Sunday, March 21, 2010

What Boys and Dogs Do on a Winter's Day in Spring and They Are Bored Out of Their Minds

Cinder, wearing Logan's glasses and shirt, will tolerate nearly anything to get some attention from his favorite people. Our spring ice storm keeps all of us housebound and antsy. We are BORED -- stayed home from church, canceled plans to see a friend performing in a show in Branson yesterday, can't use the brand-new lawn mower still sitting in its carton in the back end of the van, don't feel like doing anything but eating and reading. Ran out of things to eat and read, don't want to drive to the store on icy roads. Kids are on Spring Break, but we can't go out of town because Ben has two rehearsals and a competition this week. HELP! THERE'S NOTHING TO DO IMBOREDIMBOREDIMBORED.

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  1. I realize this comes from a different list ("100 things to do when you're avoiding doing what you're supposed to do", or something to that effect), but it can be a crossover...that is "Call your sister!!!!!"
    PS Love you all, and hope the ice thaws soon!