Friday, March 12, 2010

Sprint Update

My "case" has been assigned to a person in the "executive" office. She has been working on my case for a week now; today she concluded that the financial collections people should remove my phone number from their records. Gee, I wish I'd thought of that. I received another collection call yesterday, I wonder if it is the last. In no instance will anyone at Sprint admit to ownership of the problem. Everyone is sooooooo cautious -- every phone call is recorded (with my permission).
The thing that gripes me is that all of this has a cost. All this inefficiency is part of what you pay for with your wireless phone service. My executive case worker probably makes $100K a year and with benefits, overhead, etc she probably costs the consumer $200K a year. Maybe she spent 10 hours on my case -- I've had four phone calls from her. That's approximately $1,000 of cost, folks, to save me aggravation from a problem that should never have occurred. Of course, my time and aggravation have no value. I expect to hear at least once more from my Sprint caseworker telling me that the situation has been resolved and that the case is closed. I will be compelled to ask her if Sprint has assumed ownership of the issue, just to hear the weasel words around her answer. Sometimes I get a kick out of jousting with windmills.

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