Saturday, March 27, 2010

Here We Go Again

Last night was round two of Tables of Eight organized by our church. We are getting to know each pretty well and had a very good time. As the hostess, I can't be an unbiased observer, but it seemed to me that the conversation was interesting and non-stop! As a group we have enough in common to make us comfortable with each other and enough differences to make it interesting.
Just like our last get-together, I got great photos of the people, but this time, I must have screwed up the setting on the camera because the exposure is wonky. In the top photo are John, Sharon, Chris and me and in the bottom one are Georgia, Ron, Sue, and Heather. The dinner was potluck; Georgia and Chris brought smoked cheeses, crackers and fruit as appetizers. They smoke the cheese with fruitwood they have gathered from their trees. Yum. Sue and John brought a great tossed salad which was a veritable salad bar -- every imaginable salad veggie was in the bowl and then lots of toppings on the side. Also yum. Ron and Sharon brought a great moist carrot cake (with pineapple, the way I like it!). More yum. I served a variation on Chicken Piccata that daughter Colleen came up with several years ago -- it remains one of my favorite dishes to serve company (can't serve to the kids: too many mushrooms and other "weird" things). And we had green beans Logannaise. I've renamed green beans Lyonnaise because Logan LOVES them.

When the guests arrived it was so warm, I was wishing I had planned to eat outdoors, but by the time they left the wind was blowing 30 miles an hour (and still is).

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  1. Call it "Tables of Eight," "Dinners for Eight," "Foyer Dinners," it's the best way we know to learn about one another on a "different" level than at a Coffee Hour. We've been involved in this kind of fellowship over the years and find it very interesting and rewarding. We're glad you are, too, Melody!