Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm peeved

So, what do you think will happen when Mr. Johnson gets this letter?

Bob Johnson
Chief Service Officer
6200 Sprint Pkwy.,
Overland Park, KS 66251

Dear Mr. Johnson,

Each month I receive an automated phone call from Sprint. Sometimes the message requests me to contact Sprint immediately about my wireless account. At other times I am advised my wireless service is about to be discontinued unless payment is received. These calls do not give me the opportunity to speak to a live person; I am required to enter my Sprint wireless number or account number to pursue the call.

I do not have a Sprint account. I am not a Sprint customer. I consider the calls from Sprint to be a form of harassment and I’ve grown weary of receiving them.

Today, I called Sprint customer service, spent half an hour on the phone, and went through four levels of “pass the buck.” I am told nothing can be done. I don’t believe that. I’ve been told I must continue to suffer this embarrassment and inconvenience.

I am providing you with my home phone number at the bottom of this letter. This is the number that receives the calls. I know it is possible to search a database and correct this problem. However, your customer service agent Bryan, serial number IT 255118, tells me my only course of action is to contact the National Do Not Call Registry. I refuse to take action exceeding the scope of the problem.

It cannot be incumbent upon me to resolve a problem originating with and perpetuated by Sprint.

In exchange for a quick resolution of this problem, no more phone calls about past due bills from Sprint, a letter of apology from your office, and training delivered to your customer service employees on how to deal with this problem, I will consider the issue closed.


  1. Here's the solution and because I'm in a generous mood, I'm going to send it to Mr. Johnson with the letter.

    1.Contact a customer database administrator in the IT department.
    2.Have the DBA write a query against the customer database searching on the incorrect phone number.
    3.Locate the customer record containing the incorrect phone number.
    4.Using the customer database record maintenance protocol, correct the record, deleting the incorrect phone number.
    5.Advise all customer support people of this option for record maintenance.

  2. Be careful, they just might want to hire you!! Sounds like you know more than they do!