Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Company I Keep

My quilting passion has created social connections for me. Here you see the some of the "Buttonhole Babes. " We meet monthly and are just completing a group quilt to donate to the library -- I'll show you a photo when it is done. It's a good group -- real casual, no bylaws, dues, etc. I like it -- I've outgrown structure (unless it is absolutely necessary). I also belong to the local quilt guild which is quite structured -- they have hundreds of members and a large bank account. Alternate years (September 2010, e.g.) they sponsor a quilt show which is a big deal. They also do lots of good works -- provide a lot of support to a local women's shelter, donate hundreds of quilts for various causes, etc.

This group is half of our Tables of Eight. Our church forms groups of eight who meet monthly for a potluck dinner rotating among the members' homes. My turn is in March which should ignite a fury of housecleaning. I'm still waiting for it to kick in.

Here's the other half of the group. Dinner was a yummy Mexican-ish Chicken Casserole. I brought Spanish Rice (never made it before, but it was simple, good, and went well with the main dish). Others supplied appetizers, salad, and dessert. This was the first meeting and I didn't know any of the other folks, but it was fun. I belonged to a similar group in California and enjoyed it. In California, we served wine with dinner, but no liquor was served to the Missouri group. I have gone to a Mexican restaurant with a local Methodist Women's group where booze was enjoyed, so I know it's not an entirely dry organization. I'm unsure about whether I'll serve wine when it's my turn. We'll see.

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  1. Offering wine to a church group can be interesting, not to mention a little scary! We're all concerned about how others see us. I have come to the conclusion "the heck with it!", be yourself. It's offered along with soft stuff. If they kick you out of the group, it's their loss! Who knows, you may cause a sigh of relief!

    But then, Melody, we've known each other about 60 years and at our age let's just be!!!

    Love 'ya,