Saturday, March 6, 2010

Aux Arcs (Ozark) au Printemps

If Kenny were alive, he'd appreciate my fractured French.

Signs of Spring include:
  1. An increase in road kill -- little furry critters are mating and not looking out for cars!
  2. Robins pogo on the front lawn.
  3. The last of the parking lot snow piles have melted.
  4. Tree tops show pregnant promises of buds on the tips of their winter-dead branches.
  5. The ice beards have melted from the limestone cliff faces.
  6. Kids wear shorts exposing winter white legs.
  7. Canoes float on the river.
  8. Five kids play baseball down the street.
  9. The parking lot at the mall is full.
  10. I feel like cleaning house (but instead go to the mall).

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