Friday, August 15, 2008

See How They Grow

On back-to-school day, I can't wait for the boys to get on the bus. Then, I spend an hour in the afternoon pacing and fretting, waiting for them to get home. And when they get home, they empty their backpacks full of forms, supply lists, rules,
schedules, and syllabi. Ben is enthusiastic about all his classes, Logan has some concerns about his social studies teacher. I did notice that the handouts from all Logan's other teachers had positive, exciting messages; the social studies handout was full of rules and restrictions. Hmmmm.

The photos show back- to-school day this year (with Logan's friend, Cameron) and back- to-school day the first year we lived in Missouri, three years ago.

The cool rainy weather has allowed me to turn off the air conditioning, but it has also slowed down the garden - a good thing for squash and pumpkins, not good for tomatoes which may never ripen! Tonight we will eat corn and yellow crook neck squash. The cantelope is about 5 inches in diameter, the pumpkin about 15" and the squash is producing faster than we can eat them even if we eat them every day.

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