Friday, August 29, 2008

Brace Yourself

Logan is getting braces. They don't actually get installed until November, but in preparation, he had two baby teeth extracted that would just not give way when the replacement canines came in, and I'm having more than $6,000 extracted from my bank account. Insurance pays $1,500. All of Colleen's boys had orthodonture (spell check says this is wrong, but doesn't offer a corrected spelling--the blog spell check is limited, and so am I), but I have conveniently forgotten how much it cost. And we live in a part of the country with lower rates than most anywhere else. So, go ahead leave a comment that will make me feel like I'm getting a good deal.
Today was bumper crop day in the garden. I picked a dozen ears of corn and cooked all of them. I will microwave the leftovers tomorrow -- I find this is the most fresh-picked tasting way of dealing with abundance. A very large yellow crookneck squash will no doubt sit around till it rots. We had two Lemon Boy tomatoes sliced for dinner, I froze two meals worth of green beans, and we have reasonably-sized zucchini for tomorrow. The pumpkins are nearly ripe, there are four, and they are gorgeous. I hope I pick them at the right time. I plan to keep them in the refrigerator downstairs, praying they make it till Halloween when I will paint faces on them and then cook them for pies. I'm keeping my eye on one large cantelope, hoping to pick it at its peak. There are several other smaller ones I'm comfortable leaving on the vine for a while. Meanwhile, I am planning next year's garden.

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