Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bad Hair Day

Because today was picture day at both boys' schools, I took them to get haircuts yesterday. We tried a new local barber, hoping to save some time and gas. Well, Logan's haircut was a disaster. He looked like Ringo Starr. It was bad and we both knew it. He vowed he could not go to school and wouldn't have a picture of that hair in the yearbook. I really couldn't blame him. So, he took the day off as a "mental health" day and I called Holly, my hairdresser. She agreed it was one of the worst haircuts she had ever seen and set to work fixing it. Logan was delighted and when we got back in the car, he said to Ben, "That Holly, ya gotta love her!" Whew!
This photo is the new improved haircut -- I know it doesn't look like a hair cut, but that's the whole idea -- make it shorter without looking like a new hair cut.

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