Friday, June 8, 2012

Moving Right Along

Lousy photo, but I think you get the idea -- the sign has been planted in the front lawn, the house is for sale. I don't know why this picture has a purple glow emanating from the front door, I guarantee you that this house is free from emanations of any color. The boys don't like the idea of selling and moving much at all. They hate all the fixing and fussing that's been going on for the past few weeks getting the house ready to market.
Today the realtor came and took hundreds of photos to put up on the listing website. I'll post some of those photos and a link to the website when they become available.
I have no idea how good my chances are of actually selling it. Many houses around here have been on the market more than a year. Many houses that sell are foreclosures and short sales. But, sometimes you get lucky. The house most comparable to mine in the area sold in nine days.
The boys understand why we need a smaller house and why I need a house on one level, but Logan is very hopeful that if we sell, I am able to find a new place on the same school bus route. They have ridden the same bus for seven years and it has become an integral part of his social life. There are many subtleties to the bus social system. Once a rider has established his or her place in the pecking order, there isn't much mobility within the system, and he is reluctant to lose his seven year investment. I actually understand. So, if we should move to a new bus route, I guess that means he will have to drive a car to school! 

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