Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ben's New Roommate

Ben doesn't spend money, he stashes it away in various secret hiding places (wise boy). Yesterday he turned lose of a substantial chunk of it to pay his share of an early birthday present. In true Ben fashion, he didn't take it out for a spin (except the test ride at the dealer's) until he had read the owner's manual cover-to-cover and committed most of it to memory. Today, he broke down and rode to the end of the block and back. I am nurturing a fantasy that he will really take to bike riding and thus spend fewer daylight hours on the computer. He wants to have a campus bike for his main mode of college transportation. He's got the basics, bike, kick stand, water bottle, helmet, and a serious lock with thick hasp and chain, but still needs a tire pump and repair kit, rear view mirror, lights, and bike shorts. I see many trips to AB Bikes in our future. 

Our week of vegetarian cooking is at an end. It was pretty successful. Ben learned a bit about meal planning, shopping, and cooking, while we found ways to incorporate a chunk of protein for Logan (baked chicken leg quarters are the easiest and surest hit). This week it's no dinner. The guys are at band camp and football camp, so the meals will tend toward fruit, nuts, yogurt, and hamburgers.  It makes it easy to keep the house clean for viewing by prospective buyers who are staying away in droves.


  1. Ben's bike is a beauty--how exciting!

  2. Somehow I think Ben will prefer the bike to a car. At least in my mind it fits his image of least environmental impact and low cost transportation.