Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Care and Feeding of a Vegetarian

Ever since Ben planned and cooked a week of vegetarian meals, I've stopped serving him meat. And he's gained ten pounds. He had been spending so much effort and energy in the avoidance of meat, that he wasn't getting enough to eat. I finally get it -- he doesn't want to eat the stuff for all kinds of reasons. He can't shake the fact that they are critters and that killing is involved; and he is also into the meat is an inefficient source of food for an overcrowded planet concept. And then there is the taste and texture which he finds repugnant. Okay, okay, this isn't a phase, this is from the very core of his being. And it really isn't that hard to cook for him as long as he still eats eggs and dairy.

So, today I cooked up a batch of veggie burgers which I will freeze and have at the ready when I'm at a loss for a meat equivalent for him. The rice and beans combine to make whole protein. Today I made a dozen of these little beauties and here's how:

2 C. brown rice (cooked)
2 cans mashed up beans (I used 1 can of black beans and 1 can of pinto beans)
2 eggs
1 C. bread crumbs (I used Panko 'cause I had some in the cupboard)
2 C. mashed, shredded, finely chopped, or grated vegetables (I used a combination of cooked beets, raw carrots, raw spinach, cilantro, and raw onion*)
salt and pepper to taste

*the onions and beets were from the Millsap's  (our CSA farmers of yore) stand at the new Springfield Farmer's Market

Moosh it all together and form into patties (it helps to moosh the beans first and then add the eggs). Fry until brown on one side and then gently turn and fry on the other side. Freeze them on a plate (like in the picture) when they are frozen solid I transfer them to individual bags and nuke to serve.
Carnivores, eat your hearts out!

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  1. I'm not so much a fan of the veggie burger but these do look good. Glad to see Mr. Skinny put on a few pounds. Good job to both of you.