Sunday, June 17, 2012

Guys and Pies

Ash Cole (married to Amanda), foster father of Nikki Hawkins, adoptive father of Alicia Cole, exchange father of Lars (sorry, I can't remember his last name). Ash likes lemon meringue pie
Arlan Maples, father of Steve Maples; grandfather of Steve, Casey, and Tim; step-grandfather of Amanda and Krista: great-grandfather of Sadie, Danielle, Ben, and Logan; step-great-grandfather to Nick and Adam; great-great grandfather of Danielle's new(ish) baby. Arlan's an apple pie kind of guy.
John Cyr likes strawberry pie. He is Sadie's dad (and Casey's husband). John is a running fool, he's done a marathon and a few half marathons in the past couple of years. He leaves soon for a mission trip to India.
Jerry Cronin favors French Silk Pie according to his wife, Krista. I bet he shares it with his sons, Nick and Adam. Jerry is just completing a nursing program and will graduate in July.

Here's Steve Maples in the grubby clothes he wore for barbecuing today's midday meal. I swear he changed to a clean shirt just after his picture was taken with his apple pie. This pie didn't last until dinner time. Logan and his grandpa dug in the minute the picture was taken. Steve is father to Casey, Tim, and Steve, Jr.; step-father to Amanda and Krista,  grandfather to Ben, Logan, Sadie, and Danielle; step-grandfather to Nick and Adam; great-grandfather to Danielle's baby.

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