Sunday, October 30, 2011

Life In a Small Town

A couple of years ago in a burst of creative boredom, Logan fabricated a game of "Ozarkopoly." He made men, houses, hotels, and dice out of modeling clay and then painted and baked them. From construction paper he fashioned Chance, Community Chest, and property cards. The money was made from printer paper. Names of properties were pulled out of the right side of his brain and included local restaurants, landmarks, streets, public buildings. No railroads in Ozark. Also only eight spaces to a side and capricious rents to make the game more interesting. I hate to play monopoly -- I think it brings out the worst in everyone (especially me); however, I was able play along with this game for a couple of hours tonight, enjoying the more sophisticated agitation the more mature boys provide. And then I threw over the game board (in a very sophisticated fashion). 

Today's lunch menu was a revival of one of Danny's favorite sandwiches. Andouille sausage from Trader Joe's, with sauteed bell peppers (from the CSA) and onions served on a ciabatta from Sam's Club. I'm trying very hard to use up all our CSA veggies before I go pick up some more. Tomorrow I will turn the bag of basil into pesto, and make something like ratatouille from the eggplant also incorporating green tomatoes and that should do it. Except for the purse-lane. Purse-lane is the new turnip. 
For dinner tonight, we had cock-a-leekie soup (leeks, chicken, and barley). It used up our leeks and hopefully helped cure the cold that is running through the family. Logan was pretty sick this morning, but seems to have rallied this afternoon (it was that rousing game of Ozarkopoly) and now I feel like it's my turn.

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