Tuesday, November 1, 2011

To Whom it May Concern

Quilt #39 "November's Child" (Twin sized)
 While working on this quilt, I kept imagining a new mother holding her baby, maybe nursing, reading, singing, or just cuddling. It would make a very generous lap quilt, quite able to keep a mother and child warm in the middle of sleepless cold winter nights. And just maybe they could feel the love that was sewn into each seam. I'm keeping it until a new mother with a child born in November appears. If not this year, then next. If you know someone who qualifies, let me know. The quilt is completely washable and can recover from milk, spit-up, or whatever. 
Quilt #40 "Jubilee" (King-sized)
Jubilee can be defined as an anniversary celebration. I am celebrating the completion of five quilts started a year ago. This happy celebratory quilt would make a good wedding gift. Like the quilt above, the prospective owner has yet to present him/herself. I'm thinking maybe a grandson's wedding. Wonder if any more of them will get married?
Does he look like marriage material? (Larger than king-sized at more than 7 feet tall!)

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  1. I do know someone I'd love to see get this quilt for my own selfish reasons! Both are beautiful! I am always in awe of your skills and talents.