Thursday, October 13, 2011

Problem Solved!

I hate it when I can't sleep because I get tangled up thinking about problems I don't believe I can solve. Sometimes I just have to leave the issue alone to work itself out. Example:

1. My house has a few maintenance issues I have not been able to resolve. The ground is eroding under my front walk, the sewer line is held together with duct tape, weathered boards are popping off my back porch, the John Deere room floods when it rains, the down spout in the front of the house creates an ice hazard on my walkway, the grout is coming loose in the kitchen and bathroom, and I haven't been able to find anybody to fix these problems for me. And I think I need to address them before I list my house for sale next spring.

Last Thursday evening while Ben sang in a choir concert, I happened to sit in the audience right in front of the man who built and sold me my house. He's also a real estate broker which I learned when I casually mentioned my desire to sell the house next spring. So, long story shortened, he's going to fix my house woes (fixing and selling). Yay! Perfect solution. (Very nice man, too!)

2. Ben missed taking the PSAT test on Wednesday (he didn't hear the PA announcement because he was playing loud music in band). The test is only offered on two days all year -- yesterday and this coming Saturday. Schools can choose which day they wish to administer the test. 99% of locations chose Wednesday (yesterday). There are no make up options. One must have a PSAT score on record to be eligible for National Merit Scholarships. The test is really critical if a student wants to qualify for a scholarship. I was sure we were hosed and that Ben had blown all chances of a scholarship.

This morning we located a school (150 miles away) that is testing on Saturday and has an available seat and will allow Ben to test there. Yay! Problem solved and I always wanted to see Jefferson City anyhow, never been to the state capitol even though we've lived in Missouri six years.

3. Going to Jefferson City means Ben will miss participating in band tournament Saturday. I'm worried how his grade will be affected -- these events are very important and so is Ben's beautiful GPA (again, think scholarships).

I contacted the band instructor and he is accommodating Ben's situation without penalty. Yay! Problem solved.

I feel like all my problems are falling away without effort. I'm on such a roll, I'm trying to think up any other lingering issues because it seems the planets are aligned to solve whatever is eating at me. Should I buy a lottery ticket?


  1. You are listing the house?
    Then what?

  2. I need something smaller, more manageable for an old lady. Ben only has a couple more years at home (one from the time I list the house) and the market is very slow here, houses move slowly. I'll stay in Ozark until the boys are through high school and then wait to see where they go for college. Just want to be "light on my feet."