Saturday, October 15, 2011

More Dumb Luck

Ben and I drove to Jefferson City after he got home from school yesterday. We arrived at the Doubletree Inn Just at six o'clock and had a wonderful meal in the Penthouse restaurant. It made me realize how long it has been since I've been anywhere at all (a couple of years actually).
And I enjoyed every minute and every morsel! I've been concerned about how my new knee would travel, but I was quite comfortable the whole way, driving and all.

I dropped Ben off for his morning of test taking and did a little exploring. At 8:00 in the morning, the light was perfect for these pictures of the capitol building (front side above, and the back is below). No one was there, it was quiet, still , and breathtakingly beautiful. I was a little concerned about muggers or bad guys, but it was so gorgeous, I decided to risk it.

A view across the "Wide Missouri" from the back side of the capitol.

After checking out of my hotel room, I realized I had forgotten my Kindle. I had to return to look for it, but didn't find it. However, I did find some other important articles I had left behind. As I returned to the car, I waged an internal debate over whether I should replace my lost reader with the same basic model, or if I should upgrade to something snazzier. I got my answer when I found the "lost" Kindle in my purse. Had I not thought it was lost, I would never had returned to the room and all the other stuff would have been left behind. Talk about dumb luck!

Ben completed the test and we headed back to Springfield for him to join his band for the competition at Missouri State. We expected he would miss the preliminaries, but arrive in time for the finals. We got there just as they were lining up for the preliminaries. He jumped into his uniform and marched off. Dumb luck!

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