Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Extra Large?

Officially, today is the first day of high school for Logan and his friend, Cameron. Summer school started and runs until June 28. This photo tells me that the next time I buy shirts for Logan I need to get XLs. Logan is taking a couple of required courses, Health Ed and Career Op, to make way for more electives next year.

Ben has safely returned from his Florida trip and rates the whole experience an 8 on a scale of 0 to 10. That's a very high rating coming from Ben who is inclined to hold back emotionally. He took no photos, so we don't get to see anything of his trip (sometimes the kid makes me crazy!). He escaped this picture taking moment and ran off to his Driver's Ed class. He's also taking personal finance.

Logan plans to go to California as soon as summer school is over, while Ben will hang around home. Plans to go work in Joplin got scrapped when we learned at the last moment that volunteers have to be 16 or be accompanied by a parent. I'm not fit to accompany them, so they won't go just yet. Clean up will be a long process and I'm sure Ben will have many opportunities after his 16th birthday next month. Logan will go accompanied by a "designated parent" later on.

Last night I went to a second meeting of a book club I've recently joined. We read Promise Me a memoir by Nancy Brinker about her promise to her sister, Susan B. Komen and the resulting breast cancer foundation. Many women in our group shared their experiences with cancer in loved ones. I came away feeling very fortunate.

I'm entering the final countdown to my knee surgery and I guess I'm as prepared as I can be. I grow calmer and more positive about the prospect as it grows closer, largely due to the incredible support I feel from those around me. I feel safe and that's a hard place for me to get to.

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