Wednesday, May 25, 2011

He Lights Up My Life

Logan swept the awards ceremony last night. He was one of about a dozen (out of around 300) who won all three awards: President's Award for maintaining a high grade point average and for scoring above the 95th percentile on the annual standardized tests; Award for Academic Excellence; and an award for having been selected as Student of the Month. At the reception following the ceremony, several teachers came up to us (me, Steve, Julia, and Logan) and gushed about what a wonderful kid he is and what a pleasure it was to have him in their class. I think that meant even more than the pieces of paper! But no getting around it, no matter how you look at it, I love that boy, and I'm so proud of him. It's so encouraging to hear the teachers comment on what a bright future awaits him. I certainly hope so because when I told him he would have to take care of me in my old age, he promised to buy me my own hospital.

The news from Joplin continues to be horrendous. For now cash donations to Convoy of Hope may be one of the most effective ways to help. Their buying power far surpasses that of individuals, so it doesn't make any sense to buy goods to donate. And they are able to get in there now to distribute needed items. The desire to help and the resources that are available are heart-warming. It's just so frustrating that it all takes time. Time to restore infrastructure services, to remove downed electrical lines, to close leaking gas lines, and to make it safe for debris removal operations. Search efforts continue, many are still missing. My heart is filled with sorrow for all who suffer.

Ben boarded a bus (super-coach style, not school bus) this morning bound for Florida and Disney World. I think he packed everything he needed. I had to re-manufacture his swimming trunks to fit his tall lean body. I took in the size 28 waist an inch or so, just enough to keep them from slipping down over his hips (less than 28 inch hips???) and added a cuff to make them two inches longer and to cover more of his long legs. I loved watching his hyper-sleep-deprived frenzy this morning. They should have a wonderful time.

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  1. Your own hospital?! What a compliment. I hope the food is good. I can't believe how tall he is! I'm looking at his picture that has been on my desk for nearly ten years. He's grown, but he's still a baby to me. Congratulations! You're doing a great job.