Monday, May 23, 2011

Milling Around

You know that awkward in-between time -- something just ended, something is going to start, but for now all you can do is walk in circles. That's how I feel.

Yesterday a monster tornado hit Joplin, just 70 miles away. I don't know anyone directly affected, but it's hard not to feel it in the gut when it could easily have been us, not them. Wanting to help, but not being able to do anything, is frustrating. We scraped together and donated all our coins -- a significant pile because I habitually stick them away and we just had a moderately successful garage sale and raked in lots of coin from items priced at 25 cents.

Thursday a disaster relief team from our church will go to Joplin to start moving and removing debris. Logan will go with them while Ben is in Florida with the band. Next week they can both work with the team. Summer school starts June 1, so they won't be able to make many trips, but at least it's something. I can imagine the work will continue for quite a while.

I wander in circles in anticipation of surgery. Today I attend my total joint replacement class and learned lots of gory details about the process and the recovery. I do feel enlightened and not as frightened as I was yesterday. But, I can't wait to have it behind me!

Gotta go -- feel the need to pace in circles.

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