Monday, May 9, 2011

Music to My Ears

Ben sings in the Chorale's spring concert even though a black lightning bolt is about to penetrate his skull. Unaffected by lightning and unlocatable in this photo is cousin Nick Cronin, also a member of the chorale. The music was amazing and Ben loves singing, it does something wonderful to his soul. In his audition for next year, he qualified for Varsity Singers -- the elite choir in the high school -- composed largely of seniors with some exceptionally (ahem) talented members of other classes. However, he won't be able to join them and will remain with the chorale one more year because of a schedule conflict with some other class he also wants to take.
The point of all this bragging is to say, he loves to sing and he does it well. And that makes my heart sing.

He also likes playing in the band. The two musical organizations form the backbone of his social sphere. (Block that metaphor and try to imagine a sphere with a backbone!) In this picture he is hiding behind a music stand, playing a mallet instrument of some sort, and is about to be struck by a bolt of orange lightning issuing from Mr. Perkins hand.
As a percussionist, he rotates among several instruments called the "front line" in marching season. In symphonic band they form the back line and he is playing the tympany in this piece (he's on the far right).

These pictures were taken with my new iphone -- I really do need a decent camera!

Also music to my ears was the news that my air conditioner was easily repaired by removing an ant's nest from its innards and replacing a wire chewed through by a mouse. Ah, the Missouri wild life!

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