Saturday, June 18, 2011

Amazing Women, Amazing Grace

Amazing women have surrounded me during the time of my surgery and my recovery (and indeed! during most of my life). I cannot list them here for fear of leaving out someone. But, let me tell you some of the things they have done for me.
  • Many have stood by, expressed willingness, waiting for me to ask for help. I did not turn to all of them because so many were willing. Even though I never got around to asking for help, these women did contribute, making me feel safe, secure, and anything but alone and helpless. This is my choir of unsung heroes!
  • Others helped from a distance through prayer, healing wishes, cards, phone calls, email messages, and just standing silently by granting me time and space for healing. Doing nothing is hard, but transmitting healing energy is NOT doing nothing.
  • Provided taxi service above and beyond the call of duty. And here, I will mention a name. Our next-door-neighbor, Beth, has four active kids of her own involved in summer school and sports camps (different from those Ben and Logan participate in, of course!). She transported all those kids back and forth all week long. I'm sure the engine on her car never cooled down. It's not only the transporting, it's connecting at the end of the activity. Nothing ever runs according to schedule, so consequently there are many minutes of waiting around while other untended chores stack up. Beth, you got the short end of the stick and I will never be able to pay you back!
  • Checked up on us -- called or dropped by to make sure we were "makin' it OK."
  • Fed us. I have had many delicious healthy healing foods the past two weeks. I should compile a "sick" cookbook! I am nourished body and soul and have a new herb garden to boot!
  • Dropped it and ran. I've asked for spur of the moment favors -- return to the hospital and retrieve my forgotten cell phone, pick up groceries and pain med, etc. You were there and I was honored by your willingness.
  • Doing the gory stuff. You were willing to listen to post-op bowel stories, look at the wound, listen to me groan, coach me through therapy, be my safety net during first showers, etc.
  • And you shared your stories. Women of a certain age have a wonderful capacity to reflect on who they are and how they became that person. Reflections on childhood, parents, grandparents, parenting, and just stories of "how it was" unite us and deepen our bonds.
For all of this and all that I've failed to mention I am eternally grateful. I'm also thankful for the men in your lives who were able to get along without you for my sake!

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  1. Awwwww thanks for the kind note...Just now read your cool that you do this for you and the boys...they will really appreciate it some day...Call me if you need anything...Beth