Monday, June 13, 2011

Lurching along

Here's a peek at some of today's activities:

I haven't been able to sit at my armless desk chair to work on my blog, my laptop has no battery, so I can't work wirelessly from my recliner, and when I tried to write a blog entry from my phone, it posted the empty entry you saw. Sometime before too long, I'll be able to get all my electronic gadgets and body parts functioning in a way that will allow me to post again.
As you well know, this invaliding is very time-consuming, and boys' schedules are relentless. Here is what tomorrow looks like:
7:15 Ben and Logan leave for school after consuming breakfast that renders them fit for a very active day.
9:00 Lois and Jim arrive to pick up remnants from garage sale two weeks ago and deliver to church.
11:00 Friend Sharon picks up Logan for orthodontist appointment.
12:30 Sharon returns Logan to school
2:00 Logan returns home and consumes meal adequate to see him through football practice in the evening.
5:00 Logan goes to football practice.
6:00 Ben returns home from band practice. Has dinner
8:00 Logan returns from football practice, eats, and goes to bed.

Somewhere in the midst of this, I take my meds, do 1.5 hours of therapy, get my meals, see that my laundry is tended to, remember to call the plumber regarding downstairs plumbing disaster, call eye doc re Logan's contact lenses for football, order Logan's football cleats online, and get some rest.
Fortunately, I'm feeling pretty well, leg is miserable within the bounds of normalcy, Kathy is a miracle worker, calm, and competent and the boys are astounding.

We also plan to plant an herb garden this afternoon.

It truly amazes me that it all gets done, but I have fabulous friends. I'm feeling quite well and looking forward to the second surgery in September!

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